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 Hess Machine    Model L-200
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Model L-200

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Product Image - Model L-200 Ozone Generator

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Gallons per Minute - 90/120*
Gallons per Hour - 5400/7200*
Click through to see full Flow Rates
* - with T-300 Injection Tank

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Item #

Item Name

Injection Tank Type

Ozone Yield

Generator Width

Generator Length

Generator Height

Generator Weight

L-200-T-150 L-200 Ozone Generator with T-150 Injection Tank T-150 2 lbs./day 30 inches 68 inches 48 inches 365 lbs.
L-200-T-300 L-200 Ozone Generator with T-300 Injection Tank T-300 2 lbs./day 30 inches 68 inches 48 inches 365 lbs.
  Results 1 - 2 of 2 1 
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