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Ozone Monitors

ATI - The Dissolved Ozone Monitor electronics package provides you with a real-time display of ozone concentration, external alarm and control outputs, and an isolated analog output while continuously monitoring dissolved ozone concentration in water. The addition of a chart recorder ensures a permanent record of ozone residual quantities for optimal protection and accountability. ATI's advanced electrochemical system uses a direct membrane sensing ozone probe that is specific to molecular ozone.

IN-USA - This low-maintenance system measures dissolved ozone by first stripping the ozone out of the water for measurement in the gaseous phase by a UV analyzer.
Your team receives date in a continuous, real-time digital readout. 4-20 milli ...


Automatic Controls

Hess Machine International’s Ozone Residual Control System is an option available for use with our ozone generator. The system will maintain a consistent, controlled level of ozone residual, reducing taste issues while helping to avoid conversion of Bromide to Bromate that could put your product over the FDA standard. The control system utilizing a PLC automatically controls the generator’s power, maintaining the ozone residual at a preset level. A digital readout allows the operator to monitor and make changes from the PLC’s keypad. The Ozone Residual Control System interfaces with an electronic ozone monitor, allowing digital readout and the option of charting a graph.


Ozone Destruct

An economical, reliable method of eliminating ozone in off-gas to acceptable levels prior to discharge into the atmosphere. The compact catalytic device, designed for venting off-gas from contact tanks, effectively converts ozone to environmentally safe oxygen. Constructed of 316 stainless steel, the weather-tight unit is built for outdoor installation

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